How to Design a Website for Sustained Customer Traffic

Last updated on December 12th, 2017

Any visitor to a website is generally looking for some information or to buy products or services. But many visitors leave websites without purchasing anything or fulfilling their purpose. One of the major reasons for the visitors not turning into buyers is that the website does not appear either attractive enough or useful enough for them. Such sites are usually lacking in some key design elements that are necessary for luring the visitors in buying their products and services. This shows the importance of designing a website in converting potential customers into buyers, which is extremely crucial for an online business.

Here Are Some Tips Keep in Mind While Designing a Websites for Online Business

There are some features of designing a website that designers must incorporate in websites so that visitors stay on the website pages for a longer time and hopefully buy the products. Experienced graphic designers and webmasters know the importance of these features.

Many websites do not pay attention to call-to-action tab design and create it casually. But, call-to-action is a crucial button that invites the visitors for buying the products or services. This tab usually says ORDER NOW, SHOP IT, PLACE YOUR ORDER, BUY NOW etc. The tab must be attractively designed so that the visitors are tempted to click on it. Instead of putting a simple and routine call-to-action tab at the end of a website page, design the tab carefully in suitable colors, size and shape. It would be better if the call-to-action design is trendy. Moreover, call-to-action tab should be put at different strategic places on web pages and not just at the bottom.

Web designers should use the powers of colors in creating a website. Colors help designers in playing with psychic of the customers. Studies have shown that colors play a major role in determining shopping behavior of the people. Green is the color of nature, hence, designers use green in websites that sell health products. For clothing stores websites, pink, rose and sky blue are suitable colors. Similarly, bank websites are usually designed in navy blue and food selling sites have red orange as major color.

Another useful tool of compelling the visitors to buy is to your business website has create urgency tabs. For instance, the designers can incorporate tabs such as DO NOT MISS IT, COME FIRST GET FIRST, HURRY LIMITED STOCK etc. Customers realize importance of products by seeing such tabs.

So, plan for designing your own website can help in converting its visitors into buyers. You can contact professional website designers at design crowdsourcing websites such as Designhill to create a website that converts your visitors to buyers.

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