Is Your Logo Design a Cliche?

Last updated on December 6th, 2019

Check your company logo to find out if it contains some often seen elements. If it is so, then redesign it or have an entirely new logo. Do not forget that customers can always pick a regular design, which is a sign of a company’s careless approach towards doing business and it in turn damages the market presence of the company.

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Many designers incorporate overused elements in logos. But they must remember that unique logos are important from a branding prospective. For example, when we think of the sports shoes maker Nike we immediately think of its famous swoosh logo. Similarly, Apple and Coco-Cola logos come to our mind instantly when we talk about these companies. That is the power of a unique logo, which is free of cliches. It is the responsibility of a designer to provide rich and unique identities to the client’s business through logo design.

Arc over the top is one of the cliches that lazy designers have been using. While the arc indicates movements, progress and soaring over the competitors, but its overuse has reduced its value and meaning. If you have to use the arc, try to change its visual representation and you always have many ways to represent progress of a company.


Helvetica font is another repeatedly used element in logo designs. No doubt that Helvetica is a great font due to its clean looks and versatility. But, again, this and other fonts have been used frequently and viewers do not see any novelty in them anymore. Avoid the typefaces that you have seen so often.

Random colored dots have been in use everywhere but they have now lost their relevance. These dots once represented diversity. Today, these dots are just uninspiring even if you use them in different pattern.


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Chat bubble and the double letter overlap have been favorite with the logo designers. Many social media sites have chat bubbles. Though there is nothing wrong with these bubbles but can you use them in your logo since this is a overused symbol to represent social media? Similarly, double letter overlap should also be resisted by the designers due to its frequent use for several decades.

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If you notice successful logo designs, a common thing about them is that they all are super easy designs. This implies that instead of incorporating some cliches, try to create a simple design with unique concept and that is enough to turn your customers’ head towards your business.

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