Top 5 Worst Logo Redesign Of 2019

Last updated on December 30th, 2019

Redesigning logos is the process of leasing a new life in the brand identity of a company. A fair share of companies across the globe get their logos redesigned to stay apace with the ever-evolving technology, dramatically changing consumer preferences and the ever-increasing market competition.

But not all logos that are redesigned work well for their respective brands in terms of bringing more customers, garnering media mileage or building brand identity. In fact, a large number of such redesigned logos prove to be total failure.

Here Are Some Of The Worst Logo Redesign Fails Of 2019

01. Career Builder

America’s largest online job site, Career Builder’s old logo was simple, condensed wordmark that worked just well. The company redesigned its logo in 2015 with an aim to portray movement, attraction and connectivity related with the brand. However, the new logo design failed to impress company’s target market. In fact, a poll on graphic design fraternity revealed that 93% respondents disliked the new Career Builder logo. Experts believe that company’s new logo is nothing but a mess of colors, typefaces, and icons.


02. Verizon

Recently Verizon too redesigned its logo in a bid to strengthen its marketing campaign and brand development efforts. But the company’s efforts to redesign its logo didn’t go so well with the target audience. The old logo had a big check mark as a dominating visual which impressed viewers. Conversely, the new logo is flat, simple, and the new placement of the “Verizon v” likens itself to a checkmark.


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03. Google

Google’s new logo too has been ridiculed by users and experts alike for its careless and random use of fonts. Many did not like the idea to drop old serif fonts and embrace a custom typeface, Product Sans in the logo.

Google Logo

04. Facebook

The Facebook logo redesign went largely unnoticed. The new logo design is simple and avoids the nice interplay of the slants between the letters “f” and “a.” The new logo design also eliminates any oddities that were previously present in company’s old logo.

Facebook Logo

05. Life is Good

Life is Good consistently ranks alongside some of the most popular American brands. Quite obviously, its logo is considered to be one of the most recognized business symbols.The brand’s old logo was aesthetically pleasing and fun. However, many believe that company’s new logo is anything but fun.

LG Logo

So, there you have it! Our list of five worst logo design fails of the year 2015. We’re sure you’ll take a cue from these brands and stick to the basic when redesigning your logo. Remember, a redesigned logo must redefine the essence of your brand in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Also, have a look on the history & evolution of logos.

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So if you too are at the verge of getting your logo redesigned, be careful to follow some important logo redesign lessons before taking the plunge.

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